Experiencing sufficiency in the building of the future

The potential for sufficiency in the building sector is large. Several resources like energy, water, nutrients, raw materials can be saved using intelligent systems without a loss of quality of life and comfort.

The aim of the project is to build a "Sufficiency-Building" which fulfils as much as possible the requirements of a Zero Emission Building (Schuetze et. al (2013), Buehler et al 2015). This Sufficiency-Building will implement the best experiences, methods and elements of existing buildings and also some new features developed in the ZEBISTIS-project. The completed house will be open to public through information events and guided tours. However, its most unique feature will be that guests will be able to spend several days living in the building and thus getting first-hand experience of living in this futuristic house. On the other side, the physical parameters (energy and water consumption, waste output) will be monitored and thus realistic data about the use of such housing obtained.

The aim is to spread sustainable building concepts and technologies to the wider society. The project should contribute to raising the awareness and the acceptance for new technologies, such as NASS (novel sanitation systems), BIA (building integrated agriculture).


The first step is made!

The association Enertropia and the foundation Mercator have approved their support for partial financing. Other partners who are interested in supporting this pioneering project are welcome anytime.