Technology park

Synergy Village provides a plattform where innovative environmentally-friendly technologies can be implemented and tested in practice. Here for, the buildings and surroundings are available. The aim is to show how environmentally friendly technologies can be easily integrated into daily life.

Experiencing sufficiency in the building of the future

The first project is in the pipeline!

The project aims to build a "Sufficiency-Building" on the property of Synergy Village. The building will be open to guests to spend a few nights in the building and test it themselves.

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Students of the ZHAW W├Ądenswil present their concepts

Environmental engineering students of the ZHAW (Zurich University for Applied Sciences) in W├Ądenswil have worked on various projects in order to develop ideas and concepts for Synergy Village. The studies evaluated the potentials for renewable energies, energy efficiency, energy-saving renovations, increase of biodiversity and general sustainability. The concepts are evaluated with the aim to implement as many as possible of them.