Participation Programs

Synergy Village is a concept that is built upon the principles of the “Sharing Economy Movement”.

We call Synergy Village A Place of Inspiration, a place where people can be creative, exchange skills and develop new ideas. Participating in one of the programs is the best way to benefit from the place and to gain new experiences that will broaden one's horizon.

The Synergy Village Experience

This Program enables you to be part of Synergy Village with the aim to learn and benefit from the place. It’s an opportunity to take time off from daily life and give space to hidden talents and interests. Participants can develop a wide range of skills (technical skills as well as soft skills) and be part of a vibrant international community. In return, participants are seen as volunteers who contribute with their skills to the place.

Duration and Prices:
5 days – 3 weeks: CHF 18.- / night
Registration is on a “first come, first serve” basis

4 weeks – 3 months: Free of charge, sponsored by Synergy Village
Acceptance based on application

Dormitory, male/ female mixed, included in standard price
Private room upon request

Vegetarian, all meals included in standard price

Synergy Village Instructor Program

The aim of the Synergy Village Instructor Program is to teach all the skills needed to set up and manage your own Synergy Village anywhere in the world. Participants will learn manual skills like gardening, work with guests, general maintenance and creative activities as well as management skills like how to assign tasks, how to organize the work environment, how to deal with problems etc.

3 months

Free of charge, "give and take" principle

Private room if available, otherwise dormitory

Vegetarian, all meals included

Selective, based on application



Synergy Village is an amazing place where you have the chance to meet people from all over the world. The property is beautiful and feels like an escape from the city, yet is very accessible and close to the train station. I came here as a volunteer and felt very welcome since this place is like a home that opens its doors for all. The volunteer work is always different from day to day so there are always opportunities to learn new skills and participate in new activities. It is also a great way to get to know fellow travellers while working with the other volunteers. And after you're done work it's always great to go jump in the lake and have a refreshing swim! Inga, Juli 2015
Amazing experience, wonderful people. Synergy village is located on a property that is quite like no other, with waterfalls, plenty of beautiful nature, and a gorgoeous lookout spot at the top of the hill that gives you a view of Lake Zurich and the surrounding villages. I worked as a volunteer and felt like I really made a contribution to the place, while being able to get to know a lot of the other volunteers. Synergy Village is certainly one of a kind, and I would highly recommend you to stay here if you enjoy staying in unconventional and authentic places. Also shoutout to the cook, Dorian, who makes spectacular food and made everyone feel very welcome. I will definitely come back. Julia, August 2015